03/2016 Junco Warren, PhD, an Assistant Professor, was recently awarded a 1-year grant from the Washington University Diabetes Research Center (DRC) Pilot and Feasibility Program to study the role of Na/K pump in mitochondrial energetics in the... Read More
03/2016 Sudden death in the young (SDY) is a tragic event, with devastating consequences for the family who must endure both the unexpected loss of their child and the possibility of harboring a familial disorder that threatens the health and... Read More
02/2016 The Franklin lab was recently awarded an R01 from the NIH NHLBI to study the histone methyltransferase Smyd1. This four year grant will fund the lab to investigate the role of this protein in regulating growth and gene expression in the... Read More
2/2016 Aman Makaju, a graduate student in the Biochemistry program, working in Dr. Sarah Franklin’s lab, was recently awarded a 2-year pre-doctoral fellowship from the American Heart Association to study the histone methyltransferase Smyd1. This... Read More