06/2015 The Tristani-Firouzi Lab was awarded a Grant-in-Aid from the American Heart Association for the study of a novel atrial fibrillation (AF) susceptibility gene for the period July 1, 2015-June 31, 2017. AF is the most common sustained... Read More
05/2015 Alexa Anderson, an undergraduate student in the Franklin lab, was recently awarded an Undergraduate Research Fellowship by the American Physiological Society. This prestigious award provides a unique opportunity for recipients to spend 10... Read More
04/2015 A recent publication by CVRTI Dr. Zaitsev's Lab “β-Adrenergic Stimulation and Rapid Pacing Mutually Promote Heterogeneous Electrical Failure and Ventricular Fibrillation in the Globally Ischemic Heart” by Vivek Garg et al. (Am J Physiol... Read More
01/2015 Dr. Kenneth W. Spitzer, PhD, Professor of Internal Medicine (Cardiovascular Medicine), Director of CVRTI was selected to receive the University of Utah Distinguished Teaching Award for 2015. Dr. Spitzer has been teaching physiology,... Read More